So, you’ve hacked into Nigel Farage’s Twitter account

Hypothetically speaking, of course, if you managed to hack into Nigel Farage’s Twitter account, what would you have written? There is a constraint though – you have covered your tracks enough for it to be hard to be found, but if you do something bad enough that results in warrants / subpoenas to IP providers then you’re going to get caught. So, you want to do something bad but not too bad that $$$ lawyers are involved.

Once the initial excitement of hacking in wears off, you are left with the common problem of “how to intelligently frape”. Nigel Farage liking bums, willies, he smells just doesn’t cut the mustard. Maybe something nearly-racist that he could possibly say? Maybe something stupid about the economy? Something sly about other UKIP members? Then you realise that the man is just a fool and fools always have followers regardless.

Maybe causing them a slight 5 minute inconvenience of resetting the password will suffice. *Slowly backs away*